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  Imagine it’s late Friday afternoon and you are lining up a 10-Foot birdie, a putt that could be the difference between you making the cut or not. What’s going through your mind? Are you simply focused on making the putt? Or are you worried about where your next entrance fees are going to come from if you miss? That’s what Pro-Launch is all about. Helping aspiring golf professionals put together a comprehensive plan and materials to effectively market themselves to potential sponsors and investors. With the help of Pro-Launch, golfers will have the resources they need to finance their dreams and the piece of mind to play their best.
Pro-Launch is designed to assist you with one thing on the golf course -playing your best.  When you marry the Pro-Launch process with the passionate pursuit of your golfing dreams, you are equipped to succeed both on and off the course. So the next time you’re staring at 8 foot slider on 18, you’re 100% focused on the putt and not whether you can make the fees for your next event.
The process is quite simple. Go to the sign-up page or click the register button and enter your information.  Fill out the on-line questionnaire and the Pro-Launch administrative team will verify your information and activate your account. Once activated, you will be able to purchase the Pro-Launch package and start the program.
Now is the time to get your affairs on track, get the Pro-Launch program now Internet!